Soke-Dai Akeweya Nicobi Tirhakah Bey, also known as Master John has been studying and teaching the martial arts for 60 years.

He is a Supreme Grand Master, having trained and promoted many Black Belts, Masterts and Grand Masters. across the country.

Master John is a Veteran of the U.S. Korean Conflict and served in the U.S. Airforce as a Air Policeman from 1952-1956.

He began his study of Martial Arts while in Korea in 1952. He Studied Tang Soo Do under Master Kim Soo Yung (a ROK - Republic of Korea Airforce Airman).

In 1953 he traveled to Hung Chow, China and studied Wu Shu under Professor Ching I Ming who was a professional photographer and also the teacher of Professor William Kwai Sun Chow. Returning home form the war, Master John began teaching in Altus Airforce Base in Oklahoma, Shaw airforce base in Sumte, rSouth Carolina & Pope Airforce base in Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

In 1976 Master John founded the Black Nationalist organization called, "Kenyatta Chung Fa Wa Su Martial Arts Kwoon (Dojo)." There he taught a culmination of several styles of Martial Arts.

He was the Regional Director of the National Karate League in Louisville, Kentucky by the then President Supreme Grand Master Jimmy Jones, and tested by Grand Master Preston Baker in the 1970's.

He is the Mfundishi of the Ancient Kemetic Culture Institute in Louisville, Kentucky and the National Grand Mufti of the Moorish American National Government.
A Moorish American Patriot of 20 years.

Today, as National Grand Mufti of the M.A.N.G. he has developed a sacred system of Psychic Seff-Defense and is teaching a very select group of Men (Thinkers) to help secure the Moorish American Nation.
Soke-Dai Akeweye N. Tirhakah Bey Grand Master
Judan 10th Dan | Kaiso (Founder)
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