Michael Brown (Primary Floor Instructor)
Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt
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Sensei Mike Brown's interest in martial arts started at the young age of four. He faithfully watched kung-fu movies on Samarui Sundays, and began informal training with his uncle. At the age of ten, Sensei Mike began formal training under the tutelage of Sensei Maxine Purdue and her late husband Sensei Dennis Purdue at the YWCA on 62nd & Drexel Ave. in Chicago. For a thirteen year period he took a hiatus from the martial arts scene yet continued to read and practice.

Brown has practiced traditional Shorei Goju-Ryu since 2005. He resumed his formal training with Grand Masters Preston and Otis Baker and in 2011 they promoted him to Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt). He is the chief floor instructor at Baker's Dojo of Karate, Education, and Science in Chicago, IL.

Sensei Mike is well known for his quality of teaching, explosive kicking abilities, and mastery of Japanese, Okinawan and Chinese weapons. A few of the weapons he is skilled in are the nunchakus, sai, tonfas, spear, and Chinese broadswords. He is also accomplished in the tournament circuit, having competed and won in many competitions citywide and in the Midwest.

Sensei Brown appreciates martial arts
tradition. He studies, executes and analyzes Katas from various styles of Karate in order to ascertain their lessons and their truth to be applied in every area of life.

Sensei Mike's vision for the dojo and his karate pupils is to carry on the Shorei Goju Ryu system, produce future champions, and to instill discipline, honor, and integrity.

Currently, Sensei Brown is cross-training, studying Akiyama Yoshin-Ryu Jujitsu with Master Ken Keith the Founder and Head Instructor of the Takeo-Ryu Goshin Jitsu System in Chicago. Sensei Brown understands that in order to be prepared for every possibility in a combat situation, the martial artist must be proficient in both standing and ground fighting with the ability to incorporate nage wazas (throwing techniques) and ukemi wazas (breakfalling techniques), especially when dealing with multiple attackers. He is pursuing the "Gentle Art" from the ground up to earn a Black Belt and to become an AFJ (American Federation of Jujitsu) Certified Black Belt Instructor.