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Sensei Kevin A. Boens Sr. interest in martial arts started at the young age of five. He faithfully watched kung-fu movies on Samarui Sundays, and began informal training with his great-uncle. In 2009 Sensei Kevin met Grand Master Lil John Smith Jr. who encouraged him to visit Baker’s Dojo where Grand Master’s Preston & Otis Baker would become his primary instructors for formal training.

Sensei Boens has practiced traditional Shorei Goju-Ryu since 2009 along with his entire family, wife Tanya, son’s Kevin & Jeremiah and daughter’s Destiny and Heaven. Sensei Boens was promoted to Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) in 2015. He is now the Review Advisor at Baker’s Dojo of Karate, Education and Science in Chicago, IL. His responsibilities include: Making sure Baker's Dojo is properly insured, making sure that all instructors are qualified according to Baker's Dojo's Policies and to oversee all ranking of members of Baker's Dojo.

Sensei Kevin is well known for his quality of teaching not only the physical aspect of the art but the Mental and Spiritual aspects as well. He prides himself on making sure that his karate pupils are in tuned with their Mind, Body and Spirit as well as having the historical knowledge of Karate. His mission is to make sure each karate pupil will be able to fully understand the art and how to properly and when to appropriately use it.

Sensei Boens Sr. has been a fan of the Legendary Bruce Lee from the first time he saw him and because of this he has self-taught himself how to use the nunchakus which is his weapon of choice. He is also accomplished in the tournament circuit, having competed and won in several competitions citywide.
Sensei Boens Sr. appreciates the martial arts tradition. Learning from Sensei Mike Brown how to execute and analyze Katas from various styles of Karate in order to ascertain their lessons and their truth to be applied in every area of life. Also learning Self-Defense for real life situations under the leadership of Master Jesse Manning Jr.

Sensei Boens Sr. is on a quest to becoming a Grand Master one day in hopes to carry on the legacy of Grand Masters Preston & Otis Baker whom he respects and thanks for his opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream which was to become a well-known member of the Martial Arts family, a dream that he shares with his own family. As a family of martial artists, Sensei Boens also hopes that the Boens family will become a house hold name in the Martial Arts Community for the next generation to come.