Master John "Lil John" Smith Jr., has been studying the Martial Arts for over thirty plus years, beginning in 1969 training in Japanese Goju-Ryu, Chinese Kempo and Korean Tang Soo Do Karate Systems, under the teachings of family member Grand Master Lloyd Johnson through Bakers Dojo (Louisville, Kentucky/Chicago, Illinois), where in 1971, while on military leave, he received his Shodan 1st Dan "black belt" of many promotions to follow in the above styles, while competing in tournaments and training. In the 1970's during his military duties in the United States Marines, he studied Shotakan Karate under the teachings of Master David Swan, Shotakan Dojo in Oceanside California.

In 1974 after being Honorable Discharge from the Marines, he became deligent competetor in the legendary Mid-West All Stars "Louisville vs Chicago".

Master Lil John continued his training, and studies with Grand Master Lloyd Johnson, Grand Master Dr. Henry Cook in Wing Chun (aka Wing Tsun) at the Seven Winds Flying Fist System (Louisville Kentucky), and Sensei Tony Lee, Muay Thai - Kick Boxing System (Chicago Philippians Community Center), and as one of the senior floor instructor and dedicated student over seventeen years at Baker's Dojo under the leadership of family members Grand Masters Preston, Otis and Master Eddie Baker.

During the 80's, Master Lil John along with Sensei Lorenzo Jones (Deceased) pride student of Grand Master Shorty Mills (Pagoda Dojo), ran the African Martial Arts Program at Kennedy-King College.

In 2009 Master Lil John was promoted to 7th Nanadan, by Grand Masters Preston and Otis Baker, and continues his training, teachings and studies, while still maintaining a professional law enforcement career. Master Lil John continues to find time to participate in many national tournaments, seminars, and other martial arts activities throughout the United States.


United Martial Arts Association (UMAA)
United States All Styles Karate Instructors Association (USA-KIA)
Midwest United Martial Arts Association (MUMAA)
Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Do Association (Chicago Headquarters)
Seven Winds Flying Fist System/Kali (Louisville, KY)
White's Pagoda National Hapkido, Kendo Federation (Chicago)

The wise man continues to fill his thirst toward consuming knowledge, with an open mind to advance his wisdom and life being.

While the man of know it all, only believes in himself and has no foundation for life growth, having closed eyes from invisible hands and his ears are filled with hard wax. It all blinds his vision and comprehension, for more knowledge and a clear path.
Kyoshi Lil John.
Kyoshi Lil John Smith Jr. - Hachidan 8th Degree Black Belt
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Kyoshi John Smith Jr. was promoted from 7th Dan to 8th Dan on April 13, 2013
By Grand Master Lloyd Johnson