Master Alvin Brown began his Martial Arts Career in 1974 at Baker's Dojo of Karate & Fitness, located at 1305 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois. There he was guided under the direct tutelage of brothers Preston, Otis and Eddie Baker.

Upon starting into what would soon become one of his greatest and most challenging adventures of his life, he quickly discovered that he was being instructed by some of the most talented black belts in the Midwest area. Many, with backgrounds in various styles of Martial Arts, were always available and willing to share their vast knowledge with eager students. This type of dojo environment became the template for the future in Master Brown's Mind.

After receiving the rank of Shodan in 1982 through the Baker Brothers and the United Martial Arts Association, Master Brown continued under the Baker Brothers, fine tuning his art as an instructor. He joined the Bakers as an instructor at Chicago's Southside Y.M.C.A. karate program for several years.

During his Martial Arts Career, Master Brown was appointed to the Chicago Police Department in 1978. While serving in that capacity on the cities north, west and south sides, he realized the need to get involved with inner city youth. Many with no structured paths to follow seem to eventually find themselves swallowed up by the Criminal Justice System. Master Brown was successful in opening a small Karate Program at the Chicago Park District's Foster Park Field House. The program was available free of charge to all of the Gresham Community.

In January of 2004, Master Brown completed his 25th Year with the City of Chicago and retired from the Detective Division's Cold Case Homicide Unit. He relocated south to the small town of Stone Mountain, GA. which is right outside of Atlanta. There he started his commercial school of Brown's Dojo of Karate and Fitness, Inc. Since opening his doors in October of 2004, he has registered and taught over 150 students.

Master Brown continues to teach and promote the Art of Shore! Goju Ryu Karate, and the true spirit of Karate-do.
My sincere thanks to the Baker Brother, Clarence Williams, and Betty "BJ" Marcus-Vaughn for
getting me off on the right path.

Browns Dojo of Karate

Alvin Brown Master Rokudan 6th Degree Black Belt
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