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Martial Arts & Self-Defense Instructor
P.O. Box 379291 | Chicago, IL. 60637-9291
(773) 344-2131 | Email: takeoryu@gmailœom

* 69 Years of Martial Arts and Training Instruction
in Disciplines: Jujitsu * Karate *Judo * Kung Fu

Inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
*July, 2011

Retired Cook County Deputy Sheriff
2012 Dinstinguished Service Award

Korean War Veteran

Kodokan Judo - Mudansha
* Shito-Ryu Karate - 2nd Degree Black Belt
* Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu - 5th Degree Black Belt
* Takeo-Ryu Goshin Jitsu - 5th Degree Black Belt
* Praying Mantis Kung Fu - Red Sash
* Taiho Jutsu - 5th Degree Black Belt
* Nippon Martial Arts Renmei

* Certified by the American Federation of jujitsu
* Certified by Independent Martial Arts Federation
* Certified by the International Martial Arts Council of America
* AFJ Black Belt Instructor Certification<br>Rokudan, 6th Degree Black Belt

Founder of the Takeo-Ryu Garage Academy training facility.
Currently Teaching Takeo-Ryu Goshin Jitsu. Takeo-Ryu Goshin Jitsu utilizes techniques with emphasis on defense against armed or unarmed attackers.

Seminars and demonstrations throughout the city and suburbs:
*Senior Citizen self defense tactics on-site.

* Taught Cook County Deputy Sheriffs self defense tactics.

*Conducted a self defense course for mothers and daughters at the Berwyn Y.M.C.A.

*Conducted a self defense class for the staff members of John D. Shoop Elementary School.

*Conducted a self defense seminar for staff members at Jefferson School.

*Co-sponsored student's Judo team at Peterson Elementary School.

*Presented a self defense demonstration for staff & students at Agassiz Elementary School.

* Organized : Judo team at John D. Shoop School
The elementary school Master Keith graduated from in 1949.

* International Taiho Jutsu Federation
* International Association of Martial Artist
* World Self Defense League
* Black Belts of the Faith International
* Budoshin Ju-litsu Yudanshakai
* World Black Belt Bureau
* Northern Style Systems Incorporated
* Police Martial Arts Association
* United States Taiho Jutsu Federation
* USA Karate Federation
* International Martial Arts Council of America
* Independent Martial Arts Federation
* American Federation of Jujitsu
* The Institute of Jujitsu Studies

* North American Grappling Association (NAGA) Competition
November, 2011
Trainer, Coach and Sponsor
Students ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in their respective divisions.

* Students participate in training individuals and groups employed in jobs requiring self-defense skills.

*Students train and compete wlth students at other facilities throughout the city and suburbs.

* Students engage in on-site training activities and demonstrations at schools and community facilities throughout the city and suburbs.

* Students visit inner city martial arts schools, as well as schools in neighboring states, to gain knowledge and experience.

Malcolm X College - Triton College - Moraine Valley College
Major: Criminal Justice
Founder & Head Instructor of The Takeo-Ryu Sento Goshin Jitsu
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